Build a Champion Campaign

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Last year I claimed the National title and this year in 2015 I am taking my career to the next level by representing Canada in Europe at the World Championships.

I’m inviting you to be a part of the process and help build me up as a champion!  I am seeking your financial assistance to achieve my World Cup Dream. Continue to read and learn how you can become a part of my journey.

$60Ha Ling Package Ha Ling is the perfect beginner peak nestled in the Bow Valley. A Chinese man working for CP Rail completed the first ascent on a dare.I use this peak as a training run in the winter.I will mail you a personalized thank-you card with a photo from one of my competitions or a mountain adventure!
$150EEOR Package East End of Rundle, known as EEOR by the locals, was my first summit in the Bow Valley.I will mail you a personalized thank-you card with a photo from a competition or a mountain adventure! You will also receive a customized frame ready poster OR a bracelet with my personalized motivational mantra to display and to inspire you to greater heights.
$500Assiniboine Package Sitting at 3,618 meters, Assiniboine is the highest peak in the Southern Continental Ranges.   This is one of my favorite mountaineering summits that I can proudly see from many places.I’ll do a live speaking engagement at your place of business and waive the speaker fee. This is customizable to include my story, lessons learned from my journey, goal setting, strategies, nutrition, or goal setting. (Best suited for the Bow Valley and Cranbrook.  Companies outside this area are responsible for travel expenses).  Your company will receive branding with your logo displayed on all my social media accounts including my blog.
$1000Dogtooth Range Package The Dogtooth Range is where I crossed the finish line and earned my Canadian Skimo Championship Title.I will provide a one day guided hike for you and 6 other people (employees of family members) in the Bow Valley. I will plan and prepare the trip and route. I will identify the equipment you need. I will be with you to guide you through the beautiful mountain community of the Bow Valley.

Michelle’s World Cup Expenses Brief Summary:

Accommodation: $3000

Race fees: $1450

Food: $1000-$1200

Transportation: $1000-1500

Baggage: $200

Race Uniform: $300

Team Warm-Up Suit: $150

Race boots: $525

        Total: $7625- 8,325


My sport is not recognized as one that receives national funding. All expenses and costs are the responsibility of the athlete.  The financial costs of representing Canada on an international level are quite high.

I took on a second job in the summer to raise funds. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some donations from family and friends. I am still in a shortfall.

I still need your help.   It is my goal to raise another $3000 in proceeds towards my campaign.

If any of the above packages above suit you, let me know and we can get that in place. If the above packages do not appeal to you and you still want to donate, it is much appreciated. Tax receipts can be provided in lieu of the package for donations over $100.

Contact me to become a part of my Championship adventure and campaign!

Donations can be sent via etransfer to:


via cheque made out Michelle Katchur-Roberts mail to:

Michelle Katchur Roberts
304-505 Spring Creek Drive
Canmore AB
T1W 0C5



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