Donations & Sponsorship Opportunities

Skimo racing is not just a hobby, it is my passion and a position that I take seriously.  As a member of the Canadian Ski Mountaineering National Team I am dedicated to continual growth and pursuing excellence.

With a podium Canadian National Championships this year, I will advance to the World Cup Championships held in Italy in 2016.  This requires that I step up my game by training not only harder and smarter.  I will be working hard this summer with dryland training and attending training camps in the fall. I will also be hosting the second ever female only skimo training camp in the Bow Valley.

Being nothing but my best will also include seeking the expertise of others through training and the help of my community.  Behind every successful person is a team of people with support and faith.  I am asking for you help in any way you can offer.  There are many ways to stand behind me with support through financial donations, gear donations, pro deals on gear, cheering me on at a race, purchasing a piece of gear, etc.


For other fun ways to help out click here




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