Runner’s Butt


Yes, yes, in fact a lot of us runners have nice butts- but that is not what this article is aimed at. How many of you are office workers? How many spend a good chunk of the day sitting, and then take the lunch hour for a run? You might be at risk for runner’s butt. Also known as the Piriformis Syndrome, this injury is a common occurrence for the lunch time office runner.

mount robson

The Piriforimis Syndrome is a quick lamens term is equated to a weak butt. The runner who is constantly sitting and not performing strength exercises is at risk. This muscle is small and hidden, deep within your hips and pelvis. When the piriformis is underdeveloped and weak it can become irritated, which then irritates the sciatic nerve. This can quickly escalate to:

-Pain from the back of leg to hip

-Pain the in the hamstring, which can extend to the calf muscles

-Pain caused when sitting

piriformis syndrome

Treatment and Preventative Action-> Strengthen that Butt

Perform a variety of glute, hamstring, and hip strengthening exercises such as: squats, chair squats, lunges, side lunges, warrior 3 yoga pose, hip bridges etc.

Watch this video for some great stretches: piriformis stretches

And strengthen that butt!


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