World Champs- Teams Race


In Skimo Competitions, a teams’ race is composed of 2 members that must complete an entire course from start to finish together. Just as a marathon- the team of 2 must complete the course as quickly as possibly in the fastest time.


One component I enjoy about team racing is working together as a team. When one person is lagging, the other can encourage or help with fuelling.  Every difficult portion is better together.


The teams’ race was a sunny beautiful day. Which meant I sweat like crazy. I had drops of sweat rolling down my face constantly.  This course presented both joys and challenges. I felt strong on the first climb, and up onto the long ridge traverse. It was so breath-taking.  Everyone started loosing crampons- as they kept hitting rocks, which became dangerous flopping around. I eventually carried my crampons in my hands.

After that- things went south. I just ended up one step behind.  Nothing went right. On the 2nd ascent I constantly slipped and fell on the icy icy up track.  My ski came off. This sapped my energy, and I just didn’t get a chance to fuel. I bonked badly! Kylee had significant patience and kept encouraging me to keep moving. I knew I could finish, but I was determined to try and get past the bonk to not let my teammate down. Near the end of the climb, the breeze picked up and the gel kicked in, and I was starting to pick up the pace. A few Canadians were close-by cheering.


With the help of Kylee at the bottom transition- the finish line was mentally not far away. I drank water and pushed back a gel while she threw my skins on.  We picked  up the pace- and finished stronger. Placed top 10!



So thankful for such a gracious teammate. A few lessons learned to apply for the Pierra Menta teams stage race next week.


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