Enduring Strength Training

Are you Enduring your Strength Training?

If you are an endurance athlete- a swimmer, runner, cyclist, triathlete, etc, you likely log many KMs each week. You might also hit the gym to build your strength. But are you “enduring” your strength workouts? Are you mindlessly moving through your exercises.


Many endurance athletes who hit the gym apply the same principles to their strength training as to their endurance sessions. How could lifting a weight slowly for 10-12 reps add much diversity or benefit to prepare the body for competitions? While yes, this could be good during base building or for a beginner- but all year round it’s not the best use of time.




Periodization and diversity is key. Strength training should be comprised of a variety of blocks that change according to your annual training schedule. Throughout the year your strength should incorporate technique, heavy lifting, high intensity, power and perhaps max strength.

Progression isn’t simply adding more reps- that sends you back to “enduring” your workout. Make the exercises harder; superset exercises, increase the intensity, or add mobility.



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