Margo Talbot

If you haven’t heard of Margo Talbot, you should.  World renowned ice climber, mental wellness coach, public speaker, writer, mentor, role-model- the list goes on. Margo is a woman of many incredible talents.

Photo by Warren MacDonald

I ran across her book, All That Glitters, a few years ago, and I loved it.  She shares an in-depth look into her journey of healing through ice-climbing, along with many other rad and adventerous stories.  The book is gripping.

Photo from Outdoor Research

I then heard her speak later on at the Banff Film Festival.  Her openness, honesty, and transparency really spoke to me.   One of her stories has stuck with me; I carry it with me when I doubt myself in the outdoors.

About a month ago I meekly approached Margo in the climbing gym asking for her support in my athletic pursuits.  I’m a complete stranger.  Margo didn’t even hesitate and gladly jumped at the opportunity to help out another female pursuing mountain athletics.

Check her out at



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