Castle Sprint Recap

This weekend was a mixed bag, but a success never the less.

The sprint race served as the race to get any and all technical mistakes out of the way.  I didn’t intend for that to happen but it did.  The time trail went smoothly and I felt pretty good.  I had lots of energy left for the heats.


Then heat 1 arrived…..and it was the heat to watch.  Another gal accidentally stepped on my ski at the start, which threw me off balance.  But really, that shouldn’t set back an athlete back too much.  Then my skis fell off my pack on the bootpack.  I carefully took my time putting the skis back on to keep my cool. When putting my poles on the ground, my bending over action sent my skis slamming into a competitors face.  (Might I note the poles on the ground is a safety rule- kind of funny).  I was totally unaware that I almost killed the girl behind me.  On the final stretch- I stepped out of my ski!


All of this occurred in 150 feet! Yikes! Not my finest few minutes.  But here is to hoping that I got all the mix-ups and technical issues out of the way for the season.

Every year I learn new things.  Can’t wait till the next race.



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