You Will Be Remembered Ben

One of my mentors told me when I started to recreate in the mountains that if you regularly pursue mountain sports over a period of time, you will eventually loose a friend to an avalanche or rock accident.  I didn’t dismiss what he said, but had hoped our technology advances and education tools would prove his statement to be wrong.  I had also hoped I would be in my 60’s before loosing a friend.


This week an avalanche took the life of a fellow skimo racer and friend, Ben Parsons.  Forgive me, as I cannot compose the crazy mess of feelings associated with this tragedy.   No one ever deserves to die, but when a kind hearted man who lived life to its fullest, serving his community and loving his family with all his heart is the person to leave our world, it makes grief that much harder.

Ben and his wife Jen, from Montana, were a part of our crew, competing in all the Canadian races.  It was a constant joke that they should be on the Canadian Team.  Ben brought forth a tonne of laughter, joy, and kick-ass athleticism.

Our world is less of a place without you.  May you rest in heaven with peace. And may God bless your wife and dear little son as they continue on this earth without you.

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