USE Promo code: CLIMBHAPPY for a discount!

Many of you probably already know I’ve been working with GORP Clean Energy Bars this past fall.  I’ve talked a bit about their product, but not a whole bunch.  So here goes…

I like food, but I only enjoy GOOD food.  And by good, I mean healthy and damn tasty.  I believe that my body is a vessel that requires top notch fuel.  I once told a friend, “I’m kind of like a Ferrari that takes only premium fuel.”


GORP bars are packed with wholesome ingredients, most of which are grown right in the fields of Manitoba.  (Yay to Canadian businesses!) Not only are the ingredients delicious tasting, they’re also packed with protein and easily digestible.

And last but not least- they give back to the community.  Despite being a smaller company, they often donate money various causes and most recently to Syrian refugees.

Try them out and use my Promo code: CLIMBHAPPY for a discount

GORP Energy Bars



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