Expect the unexpected-Hillstoke


En route to Revelstoke a fatal car accident closed the highway for 3 + hours.  Rather than get anxious- I had many hours to hang out on the hot asphalt and appreciate my life.  Of course the blaring sun caused me to slowly shrivel of dehydration.

Hillstoke socks
Photo credit: Bruno Long

Finally I arrived to the resort and rolled out of the car, minutes after the race started.  I watched the racers take off, up the hill.  Amy (race director) greeted me, grabbed me my bib, and off I set chasing the runners.

My heart exploded!  You see, I’m an athlete that requires a LOT of warm up time.  Yet, there I was hammering straight uphill immediately after travelling for 7 or so hours.  Honestly, I instantly questioned my decision to still race.  But little by little I slowly tried to gain control of my heart rate and breathing.  And gradually I started catching other athletes and passing.  (Fist pump!)

My watch died immediately, so it was just me and the mountain.  I had no idea how far I had gone and how far I had to go.  I just kept going.  Suddenly, I saw a finish line, heard cheering and oh my goodness- I was at the finish line!

hillstoke winnings
Podium swag

I placed third, and it took longer than I wanted, but I still completed the race despite the setbacks.

We all face obstacles in life and inevitably in races.  The importance is setting out to overcome the setbacks regardless of how big or small.




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