Mountain Marathon


A few weeks ago I ran a mountain marathon and loved it.  I ran up 2225 meters to the top of Idaho Peak and back down covering 45km.  I started out strong and didn’t stop.  I felt confident and was so joyful moving through the incredible scenery.

trophy IP
My trophy

I was a little apprehensive about attacking the mountain with a few concerns I might trash my quads before the downhill.  But I wanted to push myself and see how hard I could go.  Just awhile ago my peer Joanna Ford won the Sinister 7 and her willingness to push beyond what she thought possible inspired me.  (Her race was epic….mine a little less).  Thus I never stopped moving or pushing.  Anytime I slowed down I told myself to pick up the pace.

holeshot IP
starting line

When I topped out on the summit the view was amazing.  I was able to catch sight of the starting line at the lake taking in how far and high I had travelled.  It was a pretty cool perspective.

At that point I was sitting in third overall- I pumped my fists in excitement and opened up my legs for the long journey towards the finish line.  Aware of the rising temperatures I managed to eat a few pretzel sticks to maintain salt levels and continually chanted, “quick feet, stay strong” whilst singing praises of such a beautiful day.

cookies medals IP
cookie medals with my teammate Steve



I crossed the finish line, first female and third competitor overall.  Wahoo! I finished the day celebrating with Steve and his great victory of 3rd!

A big thanks to Vince De Vito Shoes for the prize of my new runners.  And a big thanks to the organizers and the volunteers for such a great event.


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