Round The Mountain Race

Talk about a super fun start to the summer!  A 20km run around the mountain on mainly single track trails put together with a great after party of live music swag, and food trucks.

I started out with confidence (even though inside I still felt that I haven’t been running much).  I walked up to the start line outwardly showing fearlessness and assurance.  Nobody was taking the bold approach as I was.  The guys around me were asking my projected finish time.  I honestly wasn’t entirely sure how it would go.

The Starting Shot
The Starting Shot

The countdown happened and I was off- out of the start line with fire under my heels.  I stayed in front for quite some time, roughly the first .4km, and then a few guys popped out in front.  I maintained a high pace for several km as we meandered up the hill, gaining elevation.  Little by little the top few gentlemen grew smaller and smaller.

Pretty much throughout the race I tried to keep quick and steady feet.  I managed to run all the hills except for a small section near the end.  From km 11-15 I was on my own for a bit with no other athletes in sight.  Soon after I could hear someone breathing, and thinking it was a girl, I picked up the pace.  My strategy was to save a bit of energy for the last hill, but in reality I believe I could’ve pushed much harder much sooner.

Suddenly I could hear the announcer and see the tents within sight.  I was shocked to be so close.  The trail weaved a bit, but the end came quickly.

Coming into the finish line
Coming into the finish line

I was stoked to secure 1st female and 5th overall.  I was ahead of 2nd by 14min50- that feels good:)

Podium Prize
Podium Prize

The rest of the afternoon was filled with salty pretzel medals, good music and amazing prizes!



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