Racing Monsters

Races can follow a variety of paths. There are some races in which the entire race goes smoothly: you perform well, fueling goes great, you meet your goals, and there are no gear failures. Success. There are other scenarios in which a water bottle might freeze, a skin might not stick, etc. It is inevitable to run into problems every so often when racing and it is accepted as a part of the challenge.


When a racing season is going well, a small little obstacle with the right coping strategies won’t materialize into anything beyond a mishap. Especially if the competition is completed in the desired time frame and goals are met. It’s no big deal.


However- if the season has been a rough go it’s easy to loose sight. The small obstacle grows into a large monster during a rough racing season. At the finish line, if the results are not satisfactory- the little gear issue cultivate into a pressure of not performing well enough. “I’m more experienced than that. I should’ve foreseen this issue or been able to solve it quicker.” The same incidents can produce such contrasting mental results depending on one’s mindset.


Do not overlook the other reasons you race- the challenge, the community, the beautiful places, creating goals, pushing your limits, improving your abilities and learning about yourself.


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