Mont Buet

looking across  the valley
looking across the valley

Sitting at 3096m, Le Mont Buet, was my second French summit. We started with a beautiful train ride across the countryside to arrive at our destination- the bottom of the baby piste at La Poya village. (Here in France the bunny hill is more commonly referred to as the baby piste. It truly is for children only.)

We followed alongside a creek for a gentle tour up into the valley, and then started to ascent a large wide open bowl. The terrain was stunning with the majestic peaks surrounding us.





Although we only went a few days ago, in the middle of Feb, it was smoking hot! I easily could have been skinning in a bikini! Water conservation was a must. The pace slowed a little as the day went on, making our way under the hot sun.



The summit was excellent and contains amazing views! No surprise there.  A total climb of 1708 meters and many horizontal km made for a great day combined with excellent skiing on the descent (excellent skiing is hard to find these days with the lack of precip).


Hip hip hooray pour le Mont Buet!

Sur le sommet
Sur le sommet

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