Peak 6 Blanc

I have been in Switzerland for almost a week now and I have been training quite a bit.  Most often I ski once a day, sometimes twice a day.

Yesterday my teammate, Travis, and I finally summited our first Swiss Peak!



We walked 5 minutes from our chalet and started skinning (climbing) uphill.  We found a beautiful spot along the ridge with fresh snow and wonderful views.  We skinned to the top of the resort and explored past the boundary and summited our Six Blanc! This French name translates to the 6th white peak.  We were able to see so many mountain ranges surrounding us.  It highlighted how different Canada is from Europe as everywhere we looked we could see little villages and homes littering every single mountainside.  We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere for only a moment’s time, as there was always a little house or chalet perched along a hillside somewhere.


Travis skinning up
Travis skinning up


From the peak we were able to ski a full 1300 meters almost right back to our chalet.  The access is incredible!  The valleys here are so deep compared to Canada as the village wasn’t even valley bottom.

Peak 6 Blanc
Peak 6 Blanc

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