After a 14 hour flight, layover, car drive, etc I have finally landed!  Last night after all the travelling, all Travis and I managed to do was eat some food, go for a walk, and sleep.

This morning we skinned up through the village of Bruson to the ski resort and had a little ski down.  Already, on the first day, I broke my race pole 😦 As you can imagine, I was not impressed and actually let out a little bit of colourful language.

broken pole


Travis and I are staying in a cute little chalet that used to be a barn.  It is well over a 130 years old.  The kitchen and living quarters were previously in the basement where the livestock also spent the winter nights.  It is now obviously in much different conditions.  chalet living quarters


On our little outing today we ran into other Cnd teammates, Kat and Eric, on the slopes. Their residence is only a 1 min walk from ours! The world is always small.

Well- off to buy some groceries, do a little housekeeping, and hopefully get in a second ski this afternoon!



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