Keep It Simple

“The first day I have to eat one potato only.  And then today I am eating carrots and I need to take a green tea pill at 10, then 1, then 9pm.  Tomorrow I have to avoid pills and drink lemon juice, control my insulin, and finish my day with a load of fibre.  The next day I overload on calories so that I can be calorie deficient again on Monday.”

“Woah woah woah- Hold on a second!” my mind screamed as an acquaintance of mine explained her elaborate diet regime.

Human nature seems to be attracted to complicated regiments that are vastly different from their current lifestyle- believing the “elaborate” component must mean it will be a triumphant path to weight loss. These success diets tend to have lots of specific rules and requirements, which makes the regime convoluted and incredibly difficult to follow.  AKA- it will likely fail.

I’m writing this as a vegan athlete.  I don’t eat meat or any animal products. No beef, no cheese, no milk, no fish, etc.  From my lifestyle I look at these diets and I, the vegan athlete, state those diets are too complicated.  To find success you need to keep things simple; Keep it sustainable.

Find small little shifts in your lifestyle that you can implement for the long run.  Focus on whole foods.  Not sugar replacements.  Not diet foods.  Just pure whole food.

Make your shifts today! Now! Not in a month from now.  Start today.  And recognize it will be a journey with bumps and hiccups along the way.  For many, there will be hiccups, and that is what they are – hiccups.

A great poster I found on the net.
A great poster I found on the net.



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