Well- in a sense you could say I lost.  An interesting experience happened on Sunday.

After a great breakfast, I drove to the start line, not arriving too early as it was cold outside.  When I arrived, no one was there.  I figured the organizers were running late. They ran late last year.  I waited and shivered in the cold for 30 min last year waiting for access to a bathroom.

“Well, might as well start warming up,” I thought to myself.  With shoelaces tied I went through my pre-race routine.  But something didn’t resonate well with me….. something didn’t seem quite right.  The lack of other athletes preparing certainly contributed to my 6th sense.  I asked Mitch to check the website again- yup- we were in the right place at the right time.

What was going on!!??!  9:40 rolled around and still it was myself and one other athlete prepping for the 10AM race start.  Then Mitch flung the door open, “You missed the race!”


Thankfully, Mitch stumbled across the facebook page.  The previous morning they changed the race start location AND time whilst removing the first 14km of the race.  Again- Whaaaaaaat!?!

Well poop!  I was all charged up and ready to go.  But I was 50 min late and 14 km away.

I did the only logical thing: I ran the race by myself.  I counted down and shot off the start line to achieve the “glory shot.” And then I ran my heart out.  I attempted to run “race pace” the entire 25km, but without my competitors, I lagged in a few spots.  I also stopped for a potty break part way though 🙂

In a sense- I think it was harder on my own than if I were in the race.  I didn’t have the visuals of other racers behind me to nudge my pace along.  I didn’t have crowds cheering me on the sidelines.  It was me and the pavement- nothing else.

I may not have won a trophy- but I came in first place!



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