The Shoulder Can Change It All

Shoulder season can easily be loved or hated by all us outdoor adventure folk.  Some days its a sigh of relief, “Oh yes it’s raining!  That means I can relax on the couch and not feel guilty!”  Other days the rain and snow bring about another long heaving sigh of, “What on earth am I supposed to do in these conditions?!!?”

Well- Usually in shoulder season I head back to the fun and easy classic scrambles while I anxiously await the winter or summer.  However- the shoulder season can add and interesting spice to any “easy” route up a mountain.

Take Grassi Peak for example, a relatively easy summit with a few exposed moves on a regular sunny day.  But, if you add a skiff of snow and 10 scared tourists in front – wham-suddenly you have a slippery icy slope next to a precipitous “die to your death fall” cliff ………and then things aren’t exactly a fun walk in the park anymore.  During our descent there was indeed one particular spot that had too much foot traffic over the snow, compacting it to make a very sketchy section.  I ended up navigating that portion on my butt:)  Pride was set aside as I peered at my fall consequence of most certain death.  But, with hazard mitigation I made it to the top and back to the parking lot safe and sound 🙂


Strutting it Napoleon Style
Strutting it Napoleon Style




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