Pre Race Jitters

The day before the race was very busy with press conferences, luncheons, bib pick ups etc.  Needless to say, I still took some time to do some last minute planning and preparation.


Julie representing Canada at press conference
Julie representing Canada at press conference

I studied the course map again and tried to secure in my goal for time.  And then I worked backwards and estimated my splits to the major aid stations to obtain said goal.  I was quite anxious about the starting line-the mass start with approx 1000 people in my wave.  This frightened me.  Very quickly the course narrowed into a single track, thus I was apprehensive about getting stuck behind too many people.  On the contrary, the race already starts at a high elevation, therein the opposite problem of going out too quickly at the start to get ahead and blowing my race.  I concluded on a medium pace and to monitor my heart rate and adjust accordingly.

over 2000 m of climbing!
over 2000 m of climbing!

I pre-planned on where and when I would fuel up.  I took 2 gels with me and planned on taking one each hour.  I also knew that after Barr Camp (just over halfway into the race) there would be 534 meters of climbing to my next station.  With this in  mind, my strategy was to eats lots and shove lots of food into my pockets.  I accounted more for the meters than the km in my timing through this section.

My fuel and accessories:)
My fuel and accessories:)

Finally- I laid out all my clothing and gear in one neat pile and did some reading before bedtime.



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