Stoked for TrailStoke

Finally a recap on the Trailstoke 60Km race that took place on July 19th.

It was the inagural year as well as the Cnd Long Distance Mnt Running Champs.  Thus I kept my expectations low- I knew the field would be deep filled with lots of talented runners.  My goal was to place top ten and my super hero goal was top 5.

The race started with a massive climb up Mt Revelstoke resort.  A good 15km long and a 1515 vertical meter climb.  At the starting line I didn’t put myself right at the front this time.  I followed my friend’s (Travis Brown) strategy of going a few rows back to ensure I wouldn’t get caught up in the frenzy and start too fast.  With such a big climb I knew the best strategy for me was to go slow and steady.  There was a LOT of climbing, but I never let myself walk for too long, unless the hill was steep.  Whenever I stopped to walk I counted to 10 or 20 and then started running.  This allowed me to gradually pass other racers.  At the top I was only 8 min behind 1st place, but I didn’t know this at the time.

In reality- I had no idea for a majority of the race where I was standing.  As well my watch battery died so I couldn’t monitor progress.  I think this played to my advantage.  I simply worked hard, stayed positive, and did my personal best.

The middle section of the race was extraordinary.  We sped through a variety of ridges and alpine meadows.  It rained most of the time, which allowed for some pretty spectacular foggy views.  It kept things mystical feeling.  The terrain was rough, with jagged talus and rocks jutting everywhere along with mud bogs and slippery logs.  I kept myself light footed and agile.  I slipped twice descending through the meadows, but bounced back up and kept going.

At a turn around point I realized there was only one female ahead of me, thus putting me in second place.  I remained focused and constantly reflected on my performance seeking small ways of improvement.

Photo: Rob Shears
Photo: Rob Shears

One area of improvement in this race is that I ate constantly.  I always had food in my hand to nibble on.  If my heart rate started to slow down, I either ran faster or shoved food and water in my mouth.  Normally my tummy starts to hurt and I really struggle with eating.  The rainy weather certainly allowed me to eat more.

Finally we had a looooooooong descent back down the mountain. I tried and tried to go as fast as I could.  Deb Russel caught up to me and stayed with me for the remaining 5 ish km (?).  It was nice to run together, and to my benefit, she kept my pace from slowing down.

The final stretch, we both let loose.  A sprint finish after a gruelling 60km made the crowd go wild. Deb had a good push and earned a 2nd place finish with myself coming in a mere .4 seconds behind her.

I’m was 10 feet tall- Happy for a successful and amazing race!


This has now qualified me for the World Championships!  Surprise!  Check out my campaign and story at:



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