How to Recover From an Ultra


Yesterday I competed in the inaugural 60KM Trailstoke (race report to follow soon).  I had a lot of fun, put a great deal of effort into the race, then had a blast at the after-party.  But just as the effort going into training and racing is important- the recovery is also key.  Continue reading to draw from the following words of wisdom:



Playing up the tourist day
Playing up the tourist part

The day after a race is still a relevant part of recovery.  Planning ahead certainly helps a part of this process.

In most cases, you likely have a drive home the following day, just as I did.  I broke up my drive with a few tourist sites.  I am notoriously terrible for sitting too long in the car, especially after a race.  Personally I prefer to keep my body limber and stretch out with light exercise.  Casual and carefree exercise helps to flush waste from the legs.  Thus, en route from Revelstoke to Canmore, I stopped at Rogers Pass to take in the sights.

Trail covered in water
Trail covered in water
Perley Rock & Illecillewaet Glacier
Perley Rock & Illecillewaet Glacier

I often find myself driving past places to reach the same destinations.  Hence on the return trip I’ll stop in at some of those gift shops or 200m “hikes” that I rarely time the time to see otherwise.  Depending on how long the drive is, I might stop two or three times along the way to prevent any stiffness to the body.

If you invest time in the training & the race-> invest time in the restoration of your body & mind!




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