The Magic Suit

There are many heroes in my life.  I have lists of adventurers who I can look up to and admire: Killian Jornet who is redefining ultra-running, Scott Jurek who can run forever even after puking, Janelle Smiley for being a super fit & fast female…. and the list goes on.

But there is one person who deserves to be applauded.  This girl is a rad skier who owns her skis. Last fall she injured herself while skiing, which led to knee operation, therein meaning skiing was out for the entire season.  No skiing equals no skimo racing.

Post race with Martha
Post race with Martha

If I was in this position my spirit would be deflated.   I would probably mope around the house for a little while.  But I am not Martha.  And Martha is incredible.  This girl LOVES skiing- and skiing loves her.  Beyond her love for skiing, Martha has an amazing spirit, and nothing gets her down.  She even flew to Japan for a ski trip whilst injured and couldn’t actually ski, but she was far from morose.

Martha Burley getting rad
Martha Burley getting rad

In full support of my racing career, she lent me her race suit for the season.  I didn’t even ask, she just wanted to pass on the spirit and the power of the skin suit.  Martha told me, “it will make you faster on the up.”  And magically it did.  I felt like a somebody wearing the suit.  I had to perform well sporting team colours.

Sporting Martha's Skin Suit
Sporting Martha’s Skin Suit

The suit didn’t just come with increased confidence, it came with a cheerleader.  Martha limped out to various points at the races with her cowbell and cheered on with great fervour.  I admire a person who can stand by and support her team mates without being able to race herself.

If anyone deserves recognition, its my dear friend Martha Burley.

Thanks for the skin suit and a such great spirit!!!


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