Low Low Low = Go! Go! Go! ???

Unless you live in the Rockies.  Then it just might be the same message: no! no! no!

With the forecast stating low low low, the urge to do something in the “kinda rad” category was scratching away at my insides. I’ve gotten over the no powder aspect of this entire ski season.  Seeing the “low” avalanche hazard rating certainly perked me up to search for some fun lines.

The desired line of the day
The desired line of the day

Out a little too early this morning at -31 degrees, a pit stop at Laggan’s bakery for some coffee seemed a necessity.  After braving the cold I deviated from the shivering and felt the stoke.  Couloirs prepare for Michelle!

The nice surface slab
The nice surface slab

Or not.  Low low low…… slow slow slooooow down there cowgirl and take a look at the handsome slab hanging out on the snowpack- ready to propagate and glide down. A 6 ish cm slab was very prominently found below the couloir and in its fan.  For giggles and fun we dug a pit and found CT1VE several times.  Just slab-tastic out there.

oh slab
oh slab
slab chunks everywhere
slab chunks everywhere

I know I’m more conservative than many.  With several factors and observations, yes, there was probably a way to safetly navigate the couloir.  And realistically, the avalanche that was possible to occur would probably not have stepped down and most likely would’ve been small.  I had faith that someone else with greater knowledge could’ve skied that line, but not me.

I’m currently on that stage of recognizing risk, its scale of danger, but still not sure when to push the boundaries and when to back off.  Today- I backed off.  The red flags were prominent enough for me to say- “Okay Cnd Rockies! I surrender again!  Love your snowpack!”

Oh dear!  Gotta love the rockies.


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