Jackson, Wyoming

Late last night after a 12 hr drive, we arrived into Jackson, Wyoming.  Out of all the training I do-> driving and sitting is not in that repertoire.  My bum was so sore after sitting and sitting in the car.

The objective of our trip is to compete in the Wyoming Rando Roundup stage races.  A first for Marg and I, but Steve has already competed in this stage race before.  This is the first time I will be competing in a stage race: two races within 2 days! In all honesty- I am super nervous.  I will have to focus on recovery! recovery! recovery!  I might be a zombie by sunday:)  I am utilizing the expertise of Marg and Steve on how to prepare for this race.  “Liquids, liquids. liquids and food, food, food,” is what they keep proclaiming.

Another first is racing at such high altitude.  6,237 ft (1,901 m) is the elevation of the town itself, thus we will be racing and climbing even higher.  My strategy therefore is to take it easy and use this experience as a training race to get all the kinks out.  I have no idea how the elevation will affect or potentially hinder my performance.

Steve skinning up and prepping for tmw Marg skinning up Snow King

Off to practice a few more transitions and then study the course map to prepare for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!



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