In ANY condition

Like many beginner skiers, when I first started out,  I had a bit of a love hate relationship with the planks attached to my feet.  I knew I was supposed to enjoy it, but it was so hard.  Following that theme, I only gave high fives when the conditions were great.  I sort of survived in hooky or hard snow.

Skiing at castle on day on a hard crust I decided to just charge anyways and ended up having a brilliant time.  My friend Marc told me his goal was to have fun regardless of ski quality.  He would still go out and give’er hell and have a blast.  A light went off in my brain and it occurred to me that “I” was in charge of my fun factor with skiing, not the conditions of snow.

Yesterday Mitch, Connor, and I went out to Quartz Ridge near Banff.  Skinning up through wind scoured ridges through rocks was actually quite fun, but we knew the skiing wasn’t exactly going to be spectacular.  The wind was frigid cold, hiding behind a rock was somewhat effective to grab a snack.

skinning up

hiding from the wind oh canadian rockies

We pulled our skins and made our way through the rocks, wind lips, and flat lat.  At the bottom of the run I let out a holler and asked to go again.

It’s not the snow, but the skier that determines the fun factor of the day.



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