My 3000 vertical meter day!

Amongst my circle of friends and colleagues obtaining a 3000 vertical meter day is a big ordeal.  Earning 3000 vertical also earns respect.

Back at the Asulkan Training Camp I got my 3000 vertical meter day!

It started early in the morning with the whole crew at the Ravens.  We all skied together through the tree triangle and transitioned quickly into the ascent.  Everyone vanished quickly up the hill and again it was another hypersonic day.  I slowed myself down a bit, knowing I had a big day ahead of me.


Several laps later on the Ravens and the Moraine Tree triangle I was still feeling great!  Peter wanted to head up to the Hut, so I offered to go with him.  This trip up to the hut pointed out the necessity of a good skin track.  I felt amazing up to this point, but heading up the tree triangle on an ugly skin track I started to feel like garbage.  I needed water and just wanted to sit down.

Upon entering the hut I quickly mowed down on crackers and guzzled some water.  Immediately afterwards I headed back out the door to finish up my day’s objective.  I did small short laps behind the hut- feeling great again.  I kept going and going and going.  The short laps at the end of the day I think helped me obtain my goal.  It was easy to keep going when the vert was short and constantly changing between uphill and down.

The day was getting on and the alpenglow started to paint the surrounding peaks.  I hit my 3000 and kept going.  I felt fresh and inspired by the world around me.  Eventually it was starting to get dark- and thus I figured it was time to pull the skins and call it a day.

A proud day of 3450!


Right before my last descent

Cairn marking the top of my mini laps


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