Keeping the Stoke High

I heart climbing! Always I am excited to put the shoes on and move up the rock.  Because it is something I love, love, love, you’d think it is always roses.

Like any other climber- I’ve had looooooong days.  Rapelling for hours on end down Alpine routes or dragging my butt in the dark on a time consuming descent.  I’ve had my moments of head scratching trying to match up the topo with the line I am trying to follow.  I’ve been caught in the rain.  I’ve frozen my butt off for hours on end whilst alpine climbing.  One of the many reasons I love climbing is facing challenges and solving problems.

These “fun” days are most certainly enhanced with good partners who know how to keep the stoke high.  In the face of confusion, rain, wind, or difficult approaches- its always nice to have a climbing partner who remembers to laugh and keep perspective.  Despite the circumstances, its nice to sing, joke, smile, and high five.  After all- we climb because it is fun!

hrmmm- I think its going to rain on us
hrmmm- I think its going to rain on us
rapping into water world
climbing in the bugaboos
climbing in the bugaboos

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