The Countdown Interval Workout

For some of us, getting out on our skis or bicycles is not always possible during the week.  Often here in Calgary, the snow starts to melt a day or two after it falls, leaving chewed and iced up chunks lying around in the streets- both of which are NOT conducive to skis or bicycles.  Thus, some workouts are left to the gym.  With the Dogtooth Dash approaching I am adding more intensity to my workouts.  This morning I finally tried a workout that I had designed in the fall- and well- I loved it!


Warm-up:  treadmill 12-15min 1.5 miles
Complete each exercise in order for 4 rounds countdown:


Tuck jumps
Mountain climbers
Jumping jacks
Side Lunge Skaters
Push ups
Inch worms / trx core tucks
Bench jumps ups
*Between each round lightly jog 100m, walk 100m, drink
COOL DOWN: high cadence on bike to flush legs
Finisher: core exercises on swiss ball & stretch

Each set goes through each exercise 25 times (25 tuck jumps then 25 jumping jacks, then 25 burpees, etc).  The whole list should be done as fast as possible to get the heart rate in the anaerobic zone.  Rest in between each set.

If you find the workout too easy- you can easily ramp it up by doing 25-20-25-20-25, which is what I think I will do on Wednesday.  Doing 20 burpees in the second round was quite difficult.  I found the burpees to be the hardest to get through.  By the time I hit 10 of each, I pushed hard and fast and flew right through the last set.

I like to hop on the spin bike after workouts such as this just to flush the legs out a little bit.  I go with high cadence and low resistance.  Then of course I always finish with some core exercises and a stretch.



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