The Skinnies get out & play

With the abundant amount of snow that fell last night, a majority of folks threw their biggest, fattest skis into their rocket boxes.  This is the typical reaction to deep pow, unless you were skiing with my crew today.

Out of our closets came our skinniest, shortest, and lightest skis.  Our race skis work so hard during the races to perform, but rarely get out to play.  In reality, I just received my new race skis and I wanted a chance to ski on them before the Dogtooth Dash.

Trail breaking through new storm snow certainly set the pace for the day with a higher output of energy.  I was excited to push the pace a little and get the heart rate going.  We did several laps, enjoying some fun tree skiing.  It was a great day filled with great company!

Marg & Peter fueling up
Marg & Peter fueling up
After hitting a jump
After hitting a jump
The skinnies
The skinnies

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