Blue Skies & Sunshine

Read's Tower
Read’s Tower

Out for another great day of touring in the Canadian Rockies.  Blues skies and lots of sunshine made for great views and lots of fun.

We headed up Mount Sparrowhawk off of the Smith Dorrien about 2o ish km from Canmore.   The conditions have appeared to return to standard Kananaskis bunk of poor coverage and poor consolidation.  Among the trees all the snow was faceted junk, slowing travel to a crawling pace.  We either wallowed in sections of meter high snow or maneuvered the plethora of forest bottom rubbish.

Out into the Alpine, conditions were variable- several small slabs with pockets of faceted snow in between.  The higher we ascended, the more slab developed and strengthened.  Some concrete like sections constituted difficulty cutting skis into the slope.  Upon passing the cliff bands we boot packed up a bullet proof section of  snow.

With the sun lowering in the sky- we pulled the plug early in order to avoid piloting ourselves through the logs, bushes, and rock in the dark.  Turns were fantastic coming off the ridge and through the col! Time predictions were over-estimated and our return to the vehicle proved to much quicker than anticipated.

To re-emphasize- lack of precip lent itself well to stunning landscape-a highlight of the day.

Looking across Spray Reservoir

Boot packing

Snack Time!


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