Broke Back Mountain Girl

Goal setting is critical to the success of any athlete’s training program.  A big predictor of success is direction and having a plan; direction gives tangibility as to what needs to be done in the gym providing proper progression, challenge, rest and recovery.

Unfortunately I injured my back at work last week and despite how minimal my injury is, I am already dealing with the mind games, annoyance, and lack of patience.   During the rehabilitation process it is important to keep perspective.   It is easy to swing dramatically to one end of the spectrum: mope and eat pounds of ice-cream or go completely and totally insane with impatience and potentially aggravate the injury even further.

Thus goal setting becomes just as important during this phase.  Re-evaluate your current training plan and re-adjust to make it possible to continue to train, without compromising recovery.  It is important to maintain a base and continue to make progress.  Even after modifying the program, it is still necessary to listen to your body and make further adjustments as needed.  This can lead to an extremely frustrating term.

I have to admit, “taking it easy” at first was not too difficult- I was a little anxious and shaken about my injury because the back is so imperative to one’s health.  I spent several hours re-thinking and re-planning my workouts in order to reach my goals whilst taking care of my back.  After several workouts of hitting the red light on certain exercises and taking is easy on the spin bike….. I started to get agitated.  The purpose behind the workouts seemed somewhat unclear compared to my previous precise goal set and scientifically designed workouts.  It has only been 9 days!  I cannot imagine prolonged injuries!

Too avoid focusing on everything I CANNOT do while injured- I am going to re-direct that energy into everything I CAN do.  Maybe I will become a swimmer, yogi, and stretch fanatic.  Perhaps my biceps could use a little more weight and attention?

And perhaps this is a chance to catch up on some reading 🙂


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