VERT 180

The skimo season kicked off with a grand start last night with the VERT 180 competition.  In a slightly different format than most, the skier with the most vert (aka laps) within 180 was deemed the winner.

Over 100 participants showed up to Canada Olympic Park to participate in 2 or 4 person relay, or take the challenge of going solo.  This race is designated as a training day in my plan- thus I opted for the solo category as a chance to practice transitions and work out any bugs for more important races later on in the season.

The race started in the evening at 6pm, which was somewhat of a challenge for me.  My body has adapted to early morning workouts, and when I woke up- my body and mind were ready to go.  Instead I had to wait, and wait, and wait.  It was hard to discipline myself not to run too many errands or fiddle with too many chores around the house so as not to tire myself out.

Overall the event went pretty well.  I was somewhat apprehensive, as my training has not included intervals or high heart rates in months and months.  I was curious as to how I would fare for 3 hours in the anaerobic zone.  Fortunately, the fitness did not present much of a challenge at all.  The skiing at first was a treat- trying to straight line it as fast as possible through a white out- yikes.  The weather, however, did clear and the race was full of lots of FUN!


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