The Artist Within

Snowflakes gently descending from the sky re-awaken an intimate relationship with the earth.  Beyond the appreciation for beauty, the endless joy, and the liberation from life’s taxing responsibilities- the snowflakes take me back to a connection unlike any other with mother nature through the manner of skiing.

Undeniably the summer sun affords beautiful alpine meadows littered with flowers, gently flowing streams, and scenic summit views.  The focus is different.  Tick lists of rad trad routes and alpine climbs,  high fives on pushing the grade in the crag, and sore shoulders from luxury food items on backpacking trips-  these are all noteworthy experiences.  Skiing somehow transcends all this and stirs deeper within us.

Skiing looks beyond the objective, beyond the finished product and aligns with the process.  The journey, recognized as intentionality rather than a manufactured goal, is of higher priority.  Skiing allows us the chance to play with the creator; small beings interacting with the canvas of snow.  Snow crystals our medium, we compose our piece as we glide and interact with the snow- our blades crafting a design.  We paint the lines we want to see on our landscape.  As we ascend, we diligently fashion the uptrack to meld the asthetic movements of the skier in conjunction with the contours of the slope.  Away from our busy lives we experience liberation.

Thus- so by the glance of a snowflake my heart races in anticipation for the season to come.  It is these moments away from our busy lives my soul flies freely.  Painting lines on a mountain landscape I am a part of a something greater, if even for a tiny moment in the vastness of time.  It is winter that realizes the liberation of the artist within me.


One thought on “The Artist Within

  1. Very poetic. I like the idea of playing with the creator, ALMOST makes me want to grab my back country skiis but the -14 degrees that I’m not yet acustomed to has me hesitating. I also enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing

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