How to run an Ultra-Marathon

Everything I learnt about running an ultra I learnt from fellow racers:”

Do not pace yourself- run as fast as you can for several hundred metres, gasping for breath, whilst shortly after abruptly coming to a halt and blocking every runner behind you.  Repeat several times over.

Take up the whole road.  Run with all your friends side by side so that no one can pass.  Make sure you chit chat loudly so as not to hear others requesting to pass.

When nature calls, do not worry about discretion. Relieve yourself on the side of the trail and lets others turn the other way- there is no time to waste.

Enjoy all that the wilderness has to offer and soak in the scenery.   Be sure to give in return by leaving your trash on the trail and in the bushes.

Follow all these great tips and you will be sure to enjoy your ultra-marathon experience whilst enhancing the experience of others around you.


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