Drop Bag

Quick tips on what to put in your ultra marathon drop bag.

Tomorrow I set off on my first ultra marathon…… actually my first race over 10km.  Thus my goal is not to haul ass and take names, but to cross the finish line and feel a sense of accomplishment for running a freakishly long distance.  With this in mind, I will have a fully loaded drop bag with all the essentials to ensure my utmost comfort during the race and to help me finish the race.

I hold three key categories in mind- temperature regulation, fuel, and comfort/ injury prevention.  I plan on carrying extra layers to regulate temperature as well as extra clothes to change into halfway through.  If my socks are grimy or wet, a clean, dry pair just might be God’s gift from heaven at kilometre 42.  An extra pair of shoes will be good for the same reason.  I don’t like running in dripping wet t-shirts and bras, thus I want the option to switch out partway through.  Also, fuel is of uptmost importance.  There will be plenty of food and electrolyte drinks at aid stations, however, when I am strung out my stomach and brain tend to get picky about tastes and texture.  I have packed 2 refreshing drinks that I know I will enjoy partway through to keep me well hydrated.

My inventory list

Drop Bag Inventory:

  • 1 extra bra
  • 1 extra pair of underwear
  • 2 extra pairs of socks
  • 1 extra wicking t-shirt/ tank top
  • 1 long sleeve
  • 1 pair of mitts (I doubt I’ll use these!)
  • 1 extra pair of running shoes
  • 2 bottles of vitamin water or iced tea
  • sunscreen
  • glasses spray and cloth to clean of sweat and grime from sunglasses
  • towel tabs to wipe face / wet wipes/ towel
  • magnesium pills for cramping
  • eye drops (mostly practical for contact users)
  • lip balm
  • tampon (you never know!)
  • plastic bag to throw sweaty clothes into to, garbage, etc
  • running hat
  • Inventory list (in case I am total mush and cannot remember if I packed something)
  • A motivational note

Other items to consider: gels, anti chafing kit, bandaid and blister kit, mosquito repellent, headlamp.

Predominantly I am excited for tomorrow.  The course is set through some great single track trails throughout Squamish and surrounding area.  Although, in some measure, I am terrified as I have not given this race the proper training it deserves.  In fact, to say I trained would be an overstatement.  It is summer and I have too many fun things to squish into such as short period of time.  Regardless of how long it takes, how much I die, how much I walk- it is going to be awesome.

Medical drop bag ingredients
Cloth to clean my sunglasses

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