The Grade

“What is the hardest grade you have climbed? What grade was the climb you did today?”

In the past couple of weeks the people I have shared experiences and conversations with have been plenty. Late nights,early mornings, and shivering at belay stations have given me the opportunity to listen to and share experiences of many who have crossed my path.

Amongst the stories and shared passion questions keep seeming to rise about the grade. I am just as guilty as the next person for wanting to push the grade and evaluate my self worth as a climber by the higher digits of the grade rating, however; when I look back to my most enjoyable days this year, the grade is null.

I’ve had lots of high fives, big smiles, and full on stokes from super easy and chillax climbs this summer. I would say I am not alone as a guide climbing below me on Aftonroe could not stop raving about the route- high grade? Nope. Just a kick ass 5.7 with stellar climbing. The climbing was full on fun. Conjointly, Star Chek, a 5.9 sport route Aimee and I hopped on today was without a doubt 5 star awesome. None of the moves were difficult, simply fun. We danced and graced our way up the rock, the arete creating great views the whole way over the Cheakamus River.

Thus the next time I am asked about the grade, I will respond with “!”

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