Simply Us

Seven days. Seven days have passed since I finished my cycle tour. From Cranbrook BC to Mount Robson Visitors Center, I clocked roughly 678 km over 6 days, and it was absolutely incredible. Each day presented itself with new horizons, challenges, and pleasant surprises as most trips do. Sitting here only a mere week later I look back upon my trip with nostalgia.

Now this perplexes me. Why? My last week has been filled with great scrambles, days at the crag, hiking, and most of all spending time with my great friend Aimee. Ergo- I wonder what my problem is. Then it hit me: simplicitiy.

Any human being alive out there right who is attempting to play in the Canadian Rockies is facing the same obstacles I am: shoulder season. The defeating current element of this “shoulder season” is simply that it’s technically not shoulder season- IT’S SUMMER! Shoulder season is supposed to be over although somehow mother nature did not get the memo. Looking at the weather forecast, numerous trail closures, rock fall hazards, etc I keep double checking my calendar making sure I am not confused. Clearly I must be mistaken, but the date states mid July, which should be filled with sunny skies, flaking skin, dehydration, and races to the shady sections at the climbing crag. However, this is not the case. A basic hike becomes a daunting task of numerous calls for trail conditions, safety analysis, muddiness evaluations, and thee ever present humming and hawing. It seems as though to go for a hike, one requires expedition planning skills. Hence the nostalgia.

Anyone who has cycle toured is in full agreement. For those 6 days on the bicycle- it was simply us- me & the bike. Life is pure and simple; wake-up, eat, ride, eat, sleep. Just me and my bike living each day basking in the beauty of the scenery, moving one pedal stroke at a time, and soaking it all in. Regardless of rainy days, sore bum, tired muscles, grueling hills- the journey continues on.  It’s simply us.











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