Murphy’s cycling law

I’ve come to the conclusion that if one boasts of an easy day cycling, the murphy’s law cycling gods’ ears perk up. Immediately following is a conjuring of a little bit of “fun” for said boaster.
Perhaps I should have been a little more hush hush about mondays success as Tuesday was a treat!
I rolled into radium for a marginal hot drink. As soon as I stepped outside the clouds broke loose and let down a mayhem of water. If I were to say it poured the whole day- I would be lying, however; it did rain for about 97 out of 100km! At times Iaughed at myself for applying sunscreen that morning, although I did grimace when it hailed.
Leaving town the road immediately kicked and continued to climb for the next 15+ km. When I saw cars disappearing ahead I was excited- descending! As soon as I topped the hill I was hit with a wall of wind. The weather and terrain confined to make me work for every km of my ride.
Much to the shagrin of the murphy’s law cycling gods, I enjoyed many highlights. I witnessed many mountain goat and deer; these animals do not excite me much from the car, but as a cyclist there appears to be more magic. I even managed to startle a black bear in the ditch several feet away as I went grinding by at a whopping 12km/hr. To my benefit, the ditch was much more appealing to me once he quickly realized I was not a threat- phew!
At one point in my ride I managed to find a group picnic shelter to harbor beneath while I enjoyed avocado rolls complete with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce!
The day went on and my soaking wet feet started to become REALLY cold. Looking forward to the visitors center partway through my journey, I kept focused on it as a goal. It was my oasis. I envisioned myself sitting on the bathroom counter eating an apple while I dried my socks under the handryer. I wanted to save my other socks for camp. Once I arrived I discovered the visitors center no longer existed and a gift shop stood in it’s place. The hand dryers existed only in my fantasy world where paper towel stood instead. The guy at the counter was pretty pissy ben I wanted to ask to look up my campground status on the Internet. He made it clear he was above helping people since he wasn’t “parks staff.” I thought kindness of the heart is all that is required of someone to give a few minutes of your time.
Once I arrives to the campground last night I was relieved to find a cook shelter and took refuge beneath it. I huddled around my pocket rocket stove as I made tea. And then I settled into my warm sleeping bag for the night:)
I think yesterday would receive an “all seasons cyclist” blog stamp of approval.




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