This morning was the start if my second annual solo tour. My paniers seemed to bulge with the sweaters, wool socks, and warm sleeping bag. Wait! Isn’t it supposed to be summer?? Where I’m headed the mountains are still capped with snow and the nights will be chilly.
I’ve finished today’s ride at 160.5 km. Honestly- it was the easiest 160 km as I took the ride slowly and hardly felt like I entered the aerobic stage. In fact- im not sure I can classify today as aerobic build.
Today was the day of birds, my favorite – the bald eagle. I approached it as it was in the ditch and watched this magnificent creature take flight just 10 feet from where I was standing.
At the campground eating sushi and checking out my new tan/ sunburn.20120702-202640.jpg20120702-202656.jpg20120702-202709.jpg20120702-202735.jpg20120702-202750.jpg20120702-202758.jpg


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