TVT 2012

Yesterday I completed my first triathlon sprint- YAY!!!!

I was indeed nervous.  As mentioned previously, swimming is NOT my strong point, nor something I do often.  I only had a couple of weeks to get this swimming thing sorted out.  Frankly, I still could sort out swimming to shave quite a bit of time, but given my time crunch I am relatively pleased with the results.  The race was 500m swim, 20km bike, and 5km run. Usually a sprint is 750 m, but I was happy to start with 500m.

This whole triathlon thing is very new.  I spent the evening before practicing transitions-dashing from the bathroom ripping of goggles and putting on my clothes and practicing the motions of fueling up- not everyone’s favorite way to spend a Sat night.

The morning of went smoothly.  I stayed focused, calm, warmed-up.  Several of my collleagues were competing, which was nice to have people to chat with to pass the time.

Standing in line, waiting to get into the pool, is kinda nerve wrecking.  I was lucky to be pushed to the front of the line.  I was in the far lane, which has jets with force, pushing my body as I swam by, a new fun challendge to throw into the mix.  The first 5 laps went great- looking at my watch I was thrilled to see the 5 minute mark.  However, somewhere in the last half I feel apart and completed my swim in the 13 minute range.  Bummer.

One aspect of my training I have approached in my thought habits during a race- keeping my cool when my results arent living up to my expectations.  I reminded myself of this importance and remained focused and positive heading into the cycling portion.  I knew I could give a strong push in the last 2 portions.  I rode hard and didnt let anyone pass me, well ok, one decked, out sperm helmet, condom suit guy on a really fancy bike passed me, but that is it.  I rode the route 2 days previuos and new I could ride hard the entire time despite what my legs felt like.  I drank constantly, consuming a full litre of an electrolyte drink.  Even when I didnt feel thristy- I drank.

The transtition from bike to run was pretty smooth, expect for the fact I went one bike lane to far:)  I felt really good and wanted to throw on my shoes and go.  I have a hard time fueling in skimo racing, so I took an opportunity to shove a gel into my mouth while throwing on my shoes.

I started fast and held a decent pace throughout the run.  Every 500m a volunteer was there to cheer me on.  Pretty friendly and encouraging crew.  I was lucky to also have friends and family there cheering me on and lots of support via texts.  I wanted to complete the tri in 1h17, so near the finish line I knew I was close….. I ran hard at the end.  I missed my goal by 18 seconds.  I had calculated well my abilities to tie everything together.

I am very happy with my results and LOVED the experience.  Are there more races in the future?? HECK YEAH!!!!


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