Triathlon ey?

Anyone that spends enough time around me learns very quickly that I am a fanatic about skiing- fanatic could possibly be an understatement.  Amidst the daily routines my mind drifts to falling snowflakes, meandering skin tracks, the fresh-track guarantee, the fever…… Beyond ski-touring and resort days- I am newly crazy obsessed with skimo racing!

Every third thought might lead back to skimo racing, training, preparing, etc.  This thought pattern conjured up trying to find ways to deal with fueling, transitioning, and learning how my body responds to the demands of the multi-dimensional aspects of skimo racing.  One small hindrance is that these races are few, thus not providing a lot of learning space for feedback and reflection-which leads me to triathlons.  My mind was trying to solve ways it could gain more experience endurance racing with several dimensions- technical, changing dynamics and long hours.  The quick answer of triathlon came about; why not try it out?

On a ride home for work, chit chatting with my colleague, this though quickly became reality as he suggested a race approaching in the next 3 weeks.

Small problem- I don’t know if I remember how to swim…… my swimsuit is dusty and do I even own goggles anymore?  Yes- yes I do, but they are so old they broke before I even entered the pool.  I floundered and flailed in the pool…. Am I really ready for this?  I know I can complete one, but as soon as I discovered some colleagues are racing as well, my competitive siren has sounded.  Again- I ask- am I really ready for this?  Stay tuned for updates.


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