Valley View

JR and I had high hopes of climbing two multi-pitch routes in one day.  One is an express trad route while the other  is a full on trad route.  Weather forecast looked great and I was stoked to have a strong climbing partner.

The Saturday morning alarm sounded and I rolled over to my phone to check the forecast again-rain in the afternoon!  Ugh.  I speedily pulled my breakfast together and rushed over to JR’s house.  When I shared my sad news, his response was, “Well- let’s get going, we have some rock to climb.”  I grinned a gianormous grin, happy my partner was on the same page.

Due to weather we opted for Valley View, which was beautiful.  Some super easy climbing mixed in with some pitches that made you think a little, but far from wanting to pee your pants.   Some sections were pretty prickly and crimpy, which was a delight!

The topo shows a few parts of several pitches with some bolts where difficult to protect- thus my expression trad express.  I was happy to get out and play with some gear and have a few bolts here and there as a nice head-space safety factor.  Much to my shagrin, the route has been bolted like crazy, to the point where I do not believe it can be classified as a trad route anymore.  There is no need for a rack at all.  In hindsight- the route probably isn’t too straightforward to protect and its low grades of 5.7-5.9 could be misleading, thus I understand the bolt happy gunner.  Don’t bother packing the rack though and enjoy the lighter load.

I would still totally recommend the route- as it was just pure fun.  As the name suggests- views of the valley are plenty:)  The weather worked in our favour- the clouds waited to let loose the rain until we had everything packed up back in the car! YAY!


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