I shake my fist at you weather!


Weekend weather forecast- RAIN- quel surprise?  A couple of weekends ago, mother nature sent rain mixed with snow, and more rain.  Mitch and I decided to give it a go playing outside anyways.  Browsing the guidebook we picked a nice hike up to some lakes, trying to avoid slippery rock and navigate through muddy trails.  This one was a winner- the best you can get with “extreme” weather conditions and rainfall warnings. One small oversight- checking trail closures.  After driving through rain-snow-rain-snow, we arrived to our destination, anxious to try out clothing against mother nature’s perils.  Took the turn off and ….. CLOSED!  *sigh* Let’s pick something else.  This cycle went on for a little while until we figured out that pretty much everything is closed and we missed the memo.

New plan of attack was to drive until something open caught our eye- which ended up being James Walker.  We bummed around on the trail- navigating swamps of water sprinkled with snow and a few creek crossings.  A pretty fun day despite the set-backs.


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