Ken Jones Classic 2012

March 24th brought the end of Canadian ski mountaineering season with the Ken Jones Classic at Lake Louise. With the lack of success at the dogtooth dash earlier on in the season I wanted to kick some ass! Unfortunately a few limitations were at my doorstep along with a several poor choices.

First off I was completely and uttearly burnt out at my full-time job. Showing up for work everyday was stressful and labourous. There were many days tears hung at the back of my throat waiting for permission to burst forth from the neverending pressure. Severaltimes I was required to be away from home, eating crappy food and deprived of sleep. My body was slowly crumbling , and yet I still wanted to compete against other experienced athletes while preparing to leave the country the next day to lead a service project with a qgroup of teenagers

I couldn’t of dreamed up nicer weather; the sun was shining, the snow was soft, people were smiling, and the visibility was stellar. For once I didn’t have to navigate through fog and falling snow as I raced!! Yippee!

Impretty sure I bonked duringjones dogtoothdash- so I figured I would take a different approach this race. Maybe I could start out slower and catch speed up near the end………..??? I am still learning about pacing as  i took it much too slow this time around. I struggled closingon the gap at the end as I was too far behind. And then at the end of the race- I had waaaaaay to much juice left in the tank. I was thoroughly disappointed!!!! I’m far from expert yet in this whole skimp racing scene.

Disappointment aside- the course was great with three ascents including a nice bootpack. The gullies were just challenging enough on the down to make me think, but not so difficult that I wsloppy lilyflailing down the hill. The finish was a nice long tuck and skate ski through the ski out, which brought many smiles to my face.

Im  already planning my training schedule for next season and getting psyched for 2012-2013!


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