Open The Car Door: Hilda Ridge

Circumstances led me to drive to Edmonton last Saturday morning and waste a beautiful ski touring day in the bustling metropolis of Northern Edmonton. My partner, Mitch, recognized that we could try and take advantage of being this far North and thereby spent the night in Nordegg; I am not a fan of long day trips and decided to check out a new area and put in some turns.

Bulletin Reading: Considerate, Considerate, Moderate- My senses became alive. After spending a week on the West Coast with High High High- I was ecstatic. The plan was to hit up Parker Ridge.

As we journeyed down the road in the car, making observations along the way, the gusting winds were somewhat alarming. Hesitation hung in the air when the car pulled into the parking lot…. The winds were in full force. Something new was a definite objective, thus a walk on the skis became the new found activity.

Heading up through the trees the conditions were shockingly “safe” feeling. To no surprise, peeking out of the trees brought wind crusted slab and strong winds which increased exponentially into the alpine. We decided to play it safe and quickly retreated to the trees and changed course of action to head over to Hilda ridge.

PURE BEAUTY! What fun. Three laps later of skiing fun pow pow from alpine through nice gladed slopes, we were begging for more. A new storm system was rolling in as we pushed for that last lap. Up into the alpine the wind was coming so strong it was practically knocking me over. Conditions were changing quickly. Rather than making a full lap, we lowered our angle of attack and skinned off lower than previous laps and had a last great run through the trees.

Another successful day! Sometimes you just have to leave the parking lot and see what the day unfolds.


One thought on “Open The Car Door: Hilda Ridge

  1. I’m glad that you had fun and that you made the safe decision! Things haven’t improved out here….one of those winters where the Coast seems more sketchy than the Rockies!

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